Financial Advice If You Want To Send Your Children to A Private SchoolAuthor:

Harry• Thursday, March 05th, 2015
Increasingly more parents in the United Kingdom today are considering whether a private school for their children would be the better option. The reason for this is that more parents now realize that the better education that is often to be found in private schools can give their children a significant advantage later on.

On the other hand, sending their children to private schools can still be a financial burden for many families. Many are asking whether they can really afford a private school on their income.

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To help families making this decision I recommend that you see the article at The Telegraph which has a number of helpful financial tips for families who want to send the children to a private school.

The article uses the example of a young father, Rik Thomas who is making £55,000 per year. Now, Rik has a 16-month-old son and wants to know whether private school would be an option.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation I can highly recommend that you see the article. At the end there is also email where you can personally contact a financial adviser.

Private schools in the UK don’t have to cost a fortune. If you are looking for a recommended independent school in Hertfordshire, the Kingshottschool can be the best education options for your children.

Popular Golf Cart ModificationsAuthor:

Harry• Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
Some golfers don’t really care too much about the appearance of their golf cart. For those players, what’s important is that they can conveniently get across the green. How the golf cart looks like doesn’t really play a major role and a vanilla golf cart surely won’t take away from their fun playing.

golf-cart-5Then there are those players who discovered the joy of custom golf cart modifications. Some of those enthusiasts would never ever go on the course in what they consider a plain and boring golf cart. Furthermore, golf cart modifications by itself can be a fulfilling hobby that many enjoy.

What popular golf cart modifications are there?

The term “golf cart modifications” is not clear refined since it can mean golf cart modification ranging from minor, non-apparent changes to major custom golf cart redesigns.

Sometimes it may be just a bunch of golf cart parts that are added to a golf cart such as extra storage boxes or even something as simple as a supporter. Then again, if we talk about custom golf cart modifications we usually mean those major custom golf cart mods where enthusiasts may make their plain golf carts into amazing miniature or replica vehicles.

Popular golf cart modifications would be to turn a golf cart into a military type four-wheel-drive car at complete with camouflage paint stop. Others may want to turn their golf could into a mini version of a Hummer, Bentley or Rolls-Royce. You can find even more exotic and sometimes funny custom golf cart modifications today such as space shuttles or tanks.

With the right golf cart accessories and parts, the golf enthusiast essentially has infinite options in regards to what they want to do with their golf cart. The only thing that is important when it comes to golf cart modifications is that you need to know whether you will be able to take your modified cart out to play on your favourite course. Some golf courses may have strict rules in regards to what golf carts will be allowed.

Cool Bespoke Furniture From Reclaimed Wood


he furniture designs by Mac+Wood have gotten very popular in recent times.


hat makes those bespoke furniture pieces so unique is the combination of materials used: Old, natural reclaimed wood & brushed steel

Mac+Wood is mostly known for and benches.

Recently, the company added bespoke office desks to their bespoke dining tables their collection as well.

Check out this London UK furniture designer if you’re looking for unique pieces for your home or outdoor area!

Pool Safety Tips

If you happen to own a pool, now is the time where you should think about your pool’s safety. Autumn is also the time where you should think about proper maintenance and pool cleaning as to have your pool safe & ready next summer.

I have found several interesting articles on the web that can give you tips in that regards.

You could take a look at http://auburnpub.com/sports/local/walter-are-you-ready-for-summer/article_c30e7e2c-fd18-5074-bfa0-ec6c6638dfdb.html and the YMCA’s safety tips here: http://www.kgns.tv/news/national/headlines/YMCA-pool-safety-tips-for-summer-260675831.html

If you have children, why not sign them up for a swimming class? This can be a lot of fun and can likewise help to avoid bad things from happening if you own a home with a swimming pool.

Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

The nicest home in the world may well become a nightmare should it pose a hazard for our safety and health. Such hazards can be the use of harmful chemicals and substances when the house was built such as asbestos, or a home that would pose severe fire hazard risks without the proper fire prevention measures in place.

A good example here would be if you happen to have an open fire place but you don’t have any smoke detectors or fire extinguishers anywhere in your home. One spark is all it needs and a fire could easily break out. In such a case this is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

smokeDetectorEven without a fire-place, safety in your home and good fire protection should be very important. At the end, it may be that $10 smoke alarm which might literally save lives!

  • Have fire extinguishers in your home. You will never know if and when you may need them, but rest assured if there’s an emergency a fire extinguisher can be a life-saver.
  • Install smoke detectors everywhere in your home where appropriate. Such areas where smoke detectors should be considered would be your kitchen and hallways and your basement and attic.

The above are very affordable and simple to establish fire prevention measures that any home owner should take advantage of. The reward will be greater safety and security for your loved ones along with the possibility to prevent major structural damage to your home when a fire is detected early on.

Learn more information about effective fire suppression including kitchen suppression such as the Ansul system at the Argos fire website.

What Are The Worst Holiday Locations?

Do you want to know where to better NOT to go the next time you feel the travel itch?

Here at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2623516/From-Bulgaria-New-Jersey-buyagift-com-infographic-reveals-10-WORST-destinations-world-holiday.html is a list of the “10 Worst Destinations In The World For A Holiday”.

Bulgaria along with several other Eastern European locations take the top spot.

Some destinations in Mexico are also on the list, Obviously, not every area in Mexico is as nice as Cancun or the known touristy places.

Check the list out if you want to know what places you better want to avoid for your next vacation.