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• Friday, January 15th, 2016

singing waiters – London

Do you know what surprise music is?

Well, if you’ve ever been at an event such as a wedding reception where they had The Singing Waiters, then you already sort of know what surprise music is. Basically it means any type of show or entertainment that can come out of the blue, something haven’t really expected.

As for The Singing Waiters, those guys are usually performing at such events and celebrations like weddings where they are dressed up as waiters. No one suspects anything so you can imagine how all the guests will be taken by surprise when those “waiters” are all of a sudden starting to sing and to dance.

This is the one, probably most popular form of surprise music but there are more.

Aside from performances and weddings and birthdays, surprise entertainment is recently getting also popular in the form of flash mobs. Those flash mobs are usually happening at public places where actors or singers and dancers assemble in a very short time to perform a spontaneous show.

As with all types of surprise entertainment, it’s always the element of surprise that make the biggest impression on the audience. Because of this, surprise entertainment is very popular also for occasions such as surprise wedding engagements or when a company wants to draw attention in public.

You should check The Singing Waiters if you want to learn more about surprise music and how you can get them to perform  for your own event or celebration


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• Friday, October 23rd, 2015

yoga – classes in London Fields

It is quite sad to see that increasingly more good gyms in the British capital are bought out by those what I want to call “low-budget” gyms. While “low-budget” may at first sound like a good thing (because it implies that you could save some money) it really is not. If you look around in London today you will see how plenty of those big fitness gyms offering cheap memberships.

Once you look a little closer what those memberships include and especially once you visited one of those “cheap gyms” you will quickly see that they are often not worth their money.

It wouldn’t be the first time that I was about to join a gym because I was lured in by their low prices. Some of those gyms even offered that you wouldn’t have too sign a contract for a membership which means that you can pay as you go and don’t have to commit to anything.

In reality, most of those gyms had very outdated equipment which was immediately clear to me when I entered their premises. Obviously, “low-budget” for those gym chains also means poor service or no service at all. It happened more than once that I wanted someone to assist me, say for some advise on the best routine for my apps. The one guy behind the desk just looked at me like I’m out of my mind having such an extraordinary demand. Needless to say, there was no one around, no trainer or anyone else besides the guy behind the front desk.

I probably don’t have to tell you that I didn’t visit those gyms twice once I saw the reality.

This is when a decided that I want to avoid all those “low-budget gyms”and when I started to look forward those few remaining good, quality gyms in London. I really didn’t care when a good gym would charge me a few bucks more per month for a membership as long as I get good quality and service in return. I don’t know about you, but I definitely expect helpful qualified trainers around that can assist me with my routines should it be required. Fortunately, there are still a fuel good gyms around if you know where to look.

In terms of quality and overall satisfaction I can definitely recommend that you check out London Fields fitness in East London. They have a good selection on training courses that include everything from yoga to weight loss classes. So if you’re looking for a good place for yoga in London Fields or simply want an overall great gym where you  won’t have to accept compromises you should check them out.

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• Thursday, March 05th, 2015

Increasingly more parents in the United Kingdom today are considering whether a private school for their children would be the better option. The reason for this is that more parents now realize that the better education that is often to be found in private schools can give their children a significant advantage later on.

On the other hand, sending their children to private schools can still be a financial burden for many families. Many are asking whether they can really afford a private school on their income.

To help families making this decision I recommend that you see the article at The Telegraph which has a number of helpful financial tips for families who want to send the children to a private school.

The article uses the example of a young father, Rik Thomas who is making £55,000 per year. Now, Rik has a 16-month-old son and wants to know whether private school would be an option.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation I can highly recommend that you see the article. At the end there is also email where you can personally contact a financial adviser.

Private schools in the UK don’t have to cost a fortune. If you are looking for a recommended independent school in Hertfordshire, the Kingshottschool can be the best education options for your children.



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